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Use maps as the backbone of a story that you need to tell - we can help you quickly get your message out. In the Oil Spill example at right, GreenInfo created an animated map from scientific data of the impact from a ship's collision with a bridge, developed a script and narration (to which a soundtrack was then added) and produced this 1 minute, 15 second, high impact video - all in under 8 hours, and in time for major public hearings the next day! We can help you place your messages about places into an effective approach for use on the web or in presentations.


  • Google Earth
  • Video editing
Oil Spill Video
The Development of the Bay Area Greenbelt, 1850-2012: GreenInfo produced this animation for the Bay Area Open Space Council and the California Coastal Conservancy Bay Area Program to illustrate a new data initiative of collecting acquisition dates for the one million acres of protected parks and other open lands in the San Francisco Bay region. The animation shows when lands were purchased (lands protected by easement are not yet in the system), beginning with the establishment of California in 1850. GreenInfo's Bobby Sudekum and Larry Orman developed the animation based on data collection by GreenInfo staff and interns (acquisition dates not available yet for every parcel of land). It tells a remarkable story of success in permanent protection for much of the region's key landscapes, as the Bay Area has amassed one of the most impressive metropolitan systems of public parks and open space in the world. (2012) Oil Spill Video: In late 2007, a major oil spill occurred in San Francisco Bay, when a tanker struck the Bay Bridge. The Oceans Conservancy asked GreenInfo to create this short video of the impact of the spill within days of its occurence. The entire video was created in less than two days, using Google Earth and other GIS technology which was then combined in movie-editing software with a narrated sound track. The video received extensive attention and helped the Conservancy make its point that fast response to spills matters greatly. (2007)
Winnipesaukee Gateway Website
Winnipesaukee Gateway Website: The Lakes Region Planning Commission in New Hampshire has completed a major water quality plan for Lake Winnipesaukee. Instead of publishing a printed report, they asked GreenInfo Network and our occasional partner, Applied Geographics, to build a website to tell the story of the lake and the plan. Using WordPress, we designed a navigation structure that fit current and future needs, built the web site, developed much content in collaboration with the Commission and created a fresh new graphic look and feel, with our design partner, Ison Designs. Commission staff can now easily update the site, which can be used for other plans in their region as well. (2010-2011) National Wildlife Federation Gulf Oil Disaster Impact: GreenInfo recently worked with the National Wildlife Federation to illustrate the impacts of the Gulf oil spill on wildlife. GreenInfo's Tim Sinnott created a three part animation series that visually reconstructs the oil spill and the growing number of animals found dead and injured since the spill began. Six months after the spill, more than 8,000 birds, sea turtles, and marine mammals were found injured or dead along the Gulf. Also, watch a narrated version of the project on Animal Planet's Blog. (2010)