Simple web maps that show your sites, members, events and anything else. Your points of interest can be linked to details that popup when users click on or roll over them and can be styled with custom icons or colors. Custom navigation tools (zoom, previous view, etc.) can also help users browse a location map.


  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps API
  • OpenLayers API
  • Flash
  • Custom Javascript tools
  • Custom base maps
California Coastkeeper Alliance ASBS Map Sierra Nevada Conservancy Watershed Maps
California CoastKeeper Alliance ASBS Map: The California CoastKeeper Alliance asked GreenInfo to develop a basic mapping system to describe the location of Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS). A second site iteration had GreenInfo add Critical Coastal Areas (CCA) and their related watersheds to bring attention to coastal areas that impact both the CCAs and the ASBSs. Marine Protected Areas are also displayed on the interactive map enabling users to see marine locations that are already protected. (2010-2011) Sierra Watershed Browser: The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is a state agency that supports the economy and environment of this famous mountain range. As part of a broader implementation of web-based mapping for the Conservancy's web site, GreenInfo Network created this online watershed information browser. Users can search for watersheds by name, place or by location on the map and see exact boundaries and information about each major watershed in the Sierra, including information about all of the conservation groups active in that watershed. (2010-11)
Bay Nature Safety Net Institute
Bay Nature web site map: This basic map shows a variety of different activities and information resources available at Bay Nature's web portal (the organization publishes a quarterly magazine and maintains an extensive web portal. (2009) Safety Net Institute Facility Finder: Major hospitals and related facilities can be explored through a simple Flash interface. (2009)