Full web sites help provide a much broader context to your issues or information sharing needs - GreenInfo specializes in quick, focused web applications (sometimes incorporating map elements) that clearly and cleanly put your project online. We work in content management systems or basic html coding, and have the capacity to create any content or online databases that are easily editable by your users without special software or downloads.


  • HTML + CSS
  • Client- and server-side scripting
  • Online, dynamic databases
USGS GAP Analysis Program
USGS GAP Analysis Program: The USGS Gap Analysis Program develops and publishes data used in assessing the status of habitat conservation for biodiversity. GAP's older web site was quite old and GreenInfo proposed to redo both the graphic look of the site and the technology that powered it. Using WordPress, GreenInfo built an easy-to-update system for GAP, and worked with our partner, Ison Designs, to provide an attractive, modern look to their web site. (2009-2010) is a project description and data access web site created by GreenInfo for explaining and demonstrating the California Protected Areas Database (CPAD), the organization's detailed inventory of protected lands in the state. (2009-current)
Reef Check Open Space Council
Reef Check California: Reefcheck engages volunteer divers to monitor reef conditions. Prior to this web site, tracking of their extensive set of variables was done in a spreadsheet. The site, which includes an online database and mapping application, allows trained volunteers to enter their surveys over the web and to explore this data. (2008-09) Bay Area Open Space Council: The Council asked GreenInfo to implement the graphic design for its new web site. We programmed the navigation, database and user-editing tools, and other functions in the site. GreenInfo continues to develop additional functions for the web site. (2009-2011)
Graphic Designer: Steve Barretto