Adding search functions to Location maps allows users to better choose data they are interested in. Search by distance from an address, city, county, zip code or other feature site, or search by keyword (e.g., parks that include "Fairview" in their names). Results can be printed out in PDF or exported to tables, or used to point users to zoom-in views on their maps.


  • Google Maps API
  • Virtual Earth/Bing Maps
  • OpenLayers API
  • Custom Javascript tools
  • On-the-fly geocoding
  • Custom map overlays
ParkInfo SFA Interactive Map

ParkInfo: is GreenInfo Network's public access portal for all park and open space lands in California. Using data from CPAD (, GreenInfo's protected areas database, ParkInfo allows searches by address, place and more; provides 3d views of parks (Google Earth plug in and Microsoft Bing Birdseye views); transit and driving directions; campgrounds and some trail locations, all with links back to the agencies who manage these lands.

ParkInfo underwent a major upgrade in mapping and speed in May 2010. The new site has a custom MapView with hillshade, roads and elevation contours, all developed in Mapnik. The protected areas data from CPAD is in a Postgres/PostGIS database, and the entire site uses the Google Maps and Google Earth plugin APIs. (2007-current)

Southern Foodways Alliance - Oral History Interactive Map: The SFA Oral History project seeks to document and make available to visitors the remarkable food culture of the South. GreenInfo's mapping application allows users to browse and find out more about particular sites, but also has an innovative trip buidler function that enables users to identify multiple places to visit, each of which can each be added into a trip schedule with just a mouse click. The resulting directions and map can be easily printed out for use on the road.