Google Earth

GreenInfo Network builds applications for use in Google Earth. Some of these are simple projects that support basic browsing, others are complex applications that link large databases.

Download our flyer describing the different types of Google Earth projects that we can create.

Marine Ecoregions Species of Common Conservation Concern
Marine Ecoregions of North America: This KML displays Level 1 Marine Ecoregions. (2010) Species of Common Conservation Concern: Download the KML file to explore key animal species across North America. (2009)
Oil Spill Video Jenner Headlands Video
Oil Spill Video: In late 2007, a major oil spill occurred in San Francisco Bay, when a tanker struck the Bay Bridge. The Oceans Conservancy asked GreenInfo to create this short video of the impact of the spill within days of its occurence. The entire video was created in less than two days, using Google Earth and other GIS technology which was then combined in movie-editing software with a narrated sound track. The video received extensive attention and helped the Conservancy make its point that fast response to spills matters greatly. (2007) Jenner Headlands Video: The Sonoma Land Trust recently completed acquisition of a magnificent, 7,500 acre stretch of California coastline near the town of Jenner, on the Russian River. GreenInfo created this Google Earth-based video tour for the land trust to use in promoting its conservation work on the Headlands. (2010)
CEC Atlas and GE Viewer No Expansion
North American Environmental Atlas and Google Earth Viewer: GreenInfo Network built this custom interactive mapping application to showcase the dozens of important data sets available through the Commission (a joint agency of the U.S., Canada and Mexico) concerning environmental conditions in North America. A basic map view is supplemented with a 3D option using Google Earth technology. Each data layer can be displayed and downloaded, and descriptions and legends are easily available. Sliders allow adjustment of the transparency of each layer for visual clarity. (2010) No Expansion: A proposal to make a major expansion to a landfill adjacent to wetlands and San Francisco Bay was opposed by a local group who commissioned this extensive Google Earth KML file. Special context screens guide the content and links in the popups turn on/off layers of information and reset views. This KML was created mainly as speaker support for the group but also functions independently. (2007)