Interactive web mapping tools can support users creating data (points, lines, polygons), and can be linked to selection/search functions. "Geo-wiki" options allow users or the public to see what others are doing and to comment on geographic elements (e.g., insert notes about accuracy, missing data, etc.). Collaboration tools can require fairly significant resources to create.


  • Google Maps API
  • OpenLayers API
  • Custom drawing + editing tools
  • On-the-fly geocoding
  • Custom map overlays
  • Online, dynamic databases
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS spatial queries

MapCollaboratorTM - Shared Data, Made Easy

GreenInfo's MapCollaborator web application allows you to "crowdsource" your data - like a wiki, anyone you allow can post notes, make edits, even upload their own GIS data (these revisions don't change the underlying data, however).

You can try out our fully functional Demonstration Edition of MapCollaborator, and you can download this factsheet (3.5mb PDF) to learn more.

MapCollaborator is an affordable solution - costs depend on data used and how much customization you need. Email GreenInfo Network at with your project description to get a quote.